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FontAgent Sync for Mac
Annual Subscription – US $59

FontAgent® Sync delivers all the power of FontAgent and also lets you share fonts among users, sync fonts across computers, archive your fonts in the Cloud, and get free software updates—all with one cost-effective, convenient subscription. Centralize fonts and streamline workflows for teams and workgroups including: design, creative, marketing, production and operations groups; virtual and decentralized teams; teams with freelancers and contractors; and individuals with multiple computers.

FontAgent 10 for Mac
Download – US $99

Built atop the planet’s most robust viewing, searching, activation and metadata engines, the latest V10 edition of FontAgent adds sharable tags, macOS Big Sur support, nested sets, faster font rendering, smarter searching and set management, Monotype and Adobe Fonts support, auto-activation in the latest Adobe Creative Cloud, QuarkXPress and Affinity releases, and more.

FontAgent Sync for Windows
Annual Subscription – US $59

FontAgent Sync’s all-new integrity, history and sharing engines come to Windows! Sync gives you all the power of FontAgent 9 for Windows plus the ability to share and sync fonts across PCs and Macs to all the users and projects in your workgroup. Includes Adobe Creative Cloud auto-activation plug-ins.

FontAgent 10 for Windows
Download – US $99

FontAgent® brings the Power of 10 to the #1 desktop OS on the planet. Its modern, customizable Windows interface gives you the power to discover, search, activate, colorize and compare your fonts—to streamline your workflow and improve everything you produce.

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